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puredyne with chinese language support

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I have been using puredyne, on and off, for more than half a year, along side with WinXP. Just now I completely abandoned the latter and re-installed the latest DVD version of puredyne from a live stick. I have been growing up with Windoze system, from 95 to XP, so linux systems are pretty new to me. there are some problems I have encountered this afternoon:

All Chinese characters can not be displayed properly. quite a big deal because I kind of having a thesis to be dealt with, and that has to be written in chinese. I wonder WHERE and HOW can I get some chinese language pack or something that I can use to both see and type chinese characters in openoffice. I have searched the forum and there is an old post, but nothing makes sense to me.... so ....

Also there is some problem with my hard drive. gparted gave me some error message. I will post that later.

Thanks a lot!!
Echo Liu
Shenyang, China