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[puredyne] streaming audio

hello all

trying to figure out how to stream audio from a network machine running puredyne.  it might be kind of silly to do this, but basically I have an older laptop running a basic debian system that i can't get puredyne installed on (bad cd-drive, no usb boot).  I have a puredyne machine upstairs which i was using for audio, but now i'm just using it as a network server that happens to be running puredyne.

i thought... wouldn't it be nice if i could work on Pd patches via VNC and be able to stream the audio from jack to my laptop?

i know its convoluted, but streaming live audio might be something useful in the longer term too.

i played around with Darksnow and darkice, but can't seem to get a server running, and it is also having problems connecting to jack.

multiple issues:

-for one, using qjackctl to try and change my sample rate seems to not work.  everything looks to be set at 22500 but then when it starts up it shows 48000.  this applies to any sample rate i try.  darkice kept complaining that the sample rates didn't match.

-when i matched sample rates at 48000, i would get a crash:

Using JACK audio server as input device.
Could not set POSIX real-time scheduling, this may cause recording skips.
Try to run darkice as the super-user.
Registering as JACK client darkice-5693
DarkIce: TcpSocket.cpp:248: connect error [111]

running darkice as super user makes it so it can't find jack.

any suggestions?

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