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[puredyne] processing - arduino class

I thought that would interest some of you 

a free online class with processing and arduino integration - 

read more :

from processing forum:

I'm teaching a free online course in Processing and Arduino through O'Reilly Media.  The live course starts August 31st and runs every Tuesday at 3pm for 5 weeks.  More info can be found here:
The class covers the basics of Processing and ramps up rather quickly, covering UI creation with controlP5, in the context of creating drawing and animation tools.  The last half of the course focuses on integrating a custom hardware controller created with an Arduino to control the animation application created earlier in the course.
There will also be a paid download version with supplementary materials and book chapters with everything edited together nicely. We've also prepared a kit for the Arduino portion of the course that is available on the page linked to above.  The kit has everything you need to follow along and is aimed at those new to electronics and requires no soldering


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