[puredyne] pd & msd problems - again

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[puredyne] pd & msd problems - again

Hi all,

I'm still wrestling with msd and not getting very far within puredyne which is just wrong:)

I have to confess that after a couple of days of no success I jumped ship to using Windows and pd-extended which I got working with minimal hassle.  But now I like what I have done with msd I refuse to have to run w7 & pde all the bleedin' time.

So please help me dear list.

The msd objects seem to be working but when I run, for example, any of the msd2d examples in puredyne all apart from the 1st example give me this console message:
'error: msd2D - link : Index not found'
for every connection.  The same thing happens with my patch too.

Any pointers gratefully accepted.



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