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Hiya list,
I am running P:D 9.11, installed from the live image via Ubiquity on to a
USB key. It really is a great OS :)

However, I'm stuck trying to get a PS3 Eye camera (aka ov534) to work in
P:D. In the default install from the live image I was able to get the
camera to work in Cheese and Guvcview, but I had no control over framerate
etc and when I tried to use the camera in Processing using the OpenCV
library I got really distorted images. The camera is supposed to manage up
to 125 FPS (which I can get on my Mac!), and there are lots of patches
floating around the net to get the ov534 working better in Linux, so I
followed the instructions here:

and all seemed to complete successfully and I see the correct info from
modinfo. But whenever I try to modprobe the patched gspca_ov534 I get this

FATAL: Error inserting gspca_ov534
Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

and dmesg shows this:

[  772.452901] gspca_main: Unknown symbol mutex_lock
[  772.453395] gspca_main: Unknown symbol mutex_lock_interruptible
[  772.453704] gspca_main: Unknown symbol mutex_unlock

Now I can't use the PS3 camera in any software at all, and unfortunately
it seems to have broken using any other camera in P:D (I get the same
gspca_main error in dmesg!). I have tried to do a fair bit of research and
I think this mutex lock is related to the rt kernel that P:D uses (but I'm
no expert, hence asking here...).

My questions are:

Has anyone managed to get the PS3 Eye camera working with a patched driver
to get high FPS in this release of P:D? If so could you provide some info
how you managed it?

Does anyone know how I could at least revert safely to the gspca-ov534
that ships with P:D?

Would it be worth me trying a generic (i.e. non-RT) kernel? If so, then
which one should I apt-get?

Thanks in advance


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