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[puredyne] new list is up (was Re: A New Beginning)

Julian Brooks said :
> Erm, now what?
> What is the general consensus of where to go next...

Well, as we wrote in the announcement mail, there is this idea of new
list, and by seeing the response on/off list, I think it's worth moving
the current discussion there as kickstart material.

I will post some rough guideline tomorrow regarding the scope of the
list, but yeah it's basically what was mentioned in Dan's mail.
Then we can take it from there. Whatever it is ;)

Practically speaking:

- those who have sent a mail of interest to [hidden email]
  should be already subscribed by now.

- those who have expressed such an interest only on this list are _not_
  subscribed - please go here to subscribe

The Puredyne list will be shut down this week-end, a general message
will be posted on the site in the coming days.

I have to say that I am very thankful for the positive feedback we/I
received on/off list after the announcement. It means a lot and I could
not possibly think of a more rewarding way to close this chapter.

I also want to thank all the dev involved in the project, it's been a
long and crazy ride, thanks so much for your investment and commitment.


[hidden email]