[puredyne] live-rw on cf-card (pcmcia-adapter)

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[puredyne] live-rw on cf-card (pcmcia-adapter)


I am running puredyne on my Portege R100 - frugal installation. Home was
on an usb-stick. But I dont like using this stick permanent, so I bought
a delkin cardbus CF-card adapter and a 8 GB CF-card.

The CF-card is nicly regogniced (by pata_ninja32 module), but not at
boottime - so puredyne does not find the live-rw partition.

What do I have to do, that this works? Are there any chatcodes to load
the modules? Or do I have to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BootFromPCMCIA

perhaps somebody has already tried this?

thx  Thomas

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