[puredyne] live-build-refine and the upcoming dyne:III

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[puredyne] live-build-refine and the upcoming dyne:III

re all,

close to completing the task for a first release of the dyne:III OS,
i'm already able to share with you a script that has been very useful
for its making and that you can see as an addition to Broth in our SDK

it's called lb-refine and what it simply does is open, edit and pack
an ISO built with the live-build script for debian liveCD which also
pure:dyne uses, its code is on

there are still some rough edges, yet it can be overall useful also
for the current development, it depends from pinentry* and sudo as
well from Xephyr for a preview of the system in a nested X win.

thanks to your fine efforts i'll soon be able to post here the new
release of dyne:III codename "MUNIR", which is based on a mix of
pure:dyne carrot and coriander and gnewsense / linux-libre for an x86
OS that is 100% free and comes in a 1.5GB size DVD or USB stick.

dyne:III MUNIR will provide binary and sources from its own repository
on http://apt.dyne.org/dyneIII (fully compatible with pure:dyne CnC)
which mirrors and blends together pure:dyne, GNU project repos. and
dyne.org, when using pure:dyne just add to your software sources:

deb http://apt.dyne.org/dyneIII munir main

in case this approach of gathering packages helps your efforts, count
on me to do something like that for your next release so you can
condense all sources.list into one main point (on top of the ubuntu
main base, which is harder to mirror for its size) and have an
apt.puredyne.org repository then.


jaromil,  dyne.org developer,  http://jaromil.dyne.org
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Re: [puredyne] live-build-refine and the upcoming dyne:III

oh and i forgot one important thing i wanted to ask developers: can we
agree on a way to version pure:dyne? there is a big deal of confusion
in versioning distributions around... i'd like to solve that at least
in between us.

what i call versioning is the ability to understand, from inside the
system, what distribution and which version of it we are running.

this is usually done with lsb_release -a which is quite kludgy
depending from python to parse apt-cache policy, all that overhead for
a simple task that can be solved by a simple text file.

OTOH /etc/debian_version is such a text file, since long forgotten
into /etc even by ubuntu which doesn't says much anyway.

/etc/VERSION is an heritage of dyne:bolic which is also present in
pure:dyne, but still doesn't says which distribution we are in:
dyne:bolic or pure:dyne?

so i'm asking that we can agree on a *simple* format for a text file
in /etc/ which will provide any script parsing it with the ability to
know what system we are in.

it can be as simple as echo "pure:dyne 10.10 "

with the constraint of using 2 single strings separated by spaces and
then whatever amount of strings for the codename. or even better:

name version `date +%s` "codename in many words"

this can be parsed from shell and it can be used in installers for
software channels and such which can recognize which distro is and
what software sources to add.


p.s. is there a development list? just askin', i'm fine here BTW

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