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[puredyne] general guideline for software requests

Hi everyone,

Reading the recent mails I thought it would be good to give some hints
on how to proceed to get your fav stuff added in Puredyne.

* Announce it on the list
  and link the request to a bug report (wishlist category) here:
  This way we can keep track of it next time one of us can work on the
  project, and others on the list can benefit from a good software tip
  even if the software is not added in the end.

* Describe it (copy/pasting from author's page is fine) and explain why
  you think we should bundle it by default. We assume this is software
  that you actually use and is stable enough, explaining what you
  actually do with it would make a perfect case to justify its
  integration :)

* Give as many links as possible to official and unofficial packages
  (32bits and 64bits debian pacakges), preferably from other PPAs or
  Debian repositpries

The more info you can provide, the faster we can give feedback on it.

Of course we will give priority to software that is already packaged so
we can rebuild it and backport it. Actually to be very honest, it is
very unlikely that we can package software that is not already available
in a way or another as a Debian package, we already have our hands full
with what is in our PPA and adding maintenance work for a new software
is very much time consuming!

That said, we welcome everyone to give a try at packaging or give a hand
on that side, we can give you access to the Puredyne PPA. The same goes
if you already have your own PPA and package a few things for yourself,
consider pushing to the Puredyne PPA! The more contributors we have, the
merrier ;)

PS: alpha3 is coming real soon...


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