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[puredyne] Shameless Musical Self-Promotion

Hey all,

 I have some recent recordings I would very much like to share:

HELOpg (Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra post-grad) recently recorded 3 Text Scores of mine and they are here:


Software is a combination of Pd and Puredyne (me), Max/MSP, Renoise and ChucK.  Plus mic's, sensors and stuff.

Here's a video of a piece for acoustic instrument and electronics which was recorded with Pat Allison on clarinet.


I'm aware that the documentation is a bit sketchy and the video is very basic; it's the first technical run through but hopefully you get the gist.

All made in Pd and I'm happy to share the patch but it's well sketchy (patch also includes an extensive list of thank you's to the various people who helped me get this thing together. 

Of course, I take all the credit for any errors.

All good wishes,


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