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[puredyne] Advice on hard disk install

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Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 13:18:53 +0100
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Subject: [puredyne] Advice on hard disk install
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Hi I have read the wiki entry on booting live from the hard disk but I do
not have a usb stick that I would want to use just for the purpose of saving
the changes made to my system and installing software to. So I was wondering
whether someone could give me a more straightforward guide. DO I just simply
need to make a partition labeled live-rw and puredyne will find it? should I
format it with mkfs.ext4 or ext3? Will pure:dyne recognise both and use
them? If so that would be great.



I did a PD hard drive install just using the GUI feature--part of the install process brings up gparted where you can make your partition changes. IIRC, I used ext4 for the system partition and haven't had any problems.

That installed puredyne like a normal distro install, which is what I wanted (I didn't want to have to deal w/ any removable media (or as I tend to think of it: forgettable and losable media :D )).



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Re: [puredyne] Advice on hard disk install

Yeah I saw the installer but I thought that sounded boring seeing as I saw it AFTER I made two partitions, both ext4. It works fine and saves my changes on the partition labled 'live-rw' so for anyone else just do that. I will also mention that the grub2 live example doesn't work if you just copy it into /etc/grub.d. You have to put the exec line that is on the top of the 40_custom file (on my arch linux system). Also I think it's only ubuntu and maby debian where you can run update-grub. On my arch system I had to run 'grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg. Maybe that will help some other people. Also someone could mention on the wiki that there is a hard disk installer on the DVD and that I didn't burn the CD image to a disk. I just extracted the files with ark and copyed them onto my partition.

Thank you for helping,