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Re: [puredyne] solved: canon ip2600 printer

I also tried this link that also helped:

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>Subject: Re: [puredyne] canon ip2600 printer
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>> Hi,
>> I tried using the gnome printer app to set-up the Canon ip2600. But when I try to do print a test page, the lights on the printer just blinks and no page is printed.
>> I found some information about where to get the drive for the canon ip2600
>> but the drivers are in .rpm format. Can you used use rpm download procedures with
>> Puredyne. Or do have a better suggestion?
>Printing on Puredyne is very standard.
> - install cups via the package manager (aptitude, synaptic, apt,...) if
>   not already present (cups is the program that manage printing jobs
>and your printers)
> - check on if your printer
>   requires a specific driver
> - check if this driver is already listed in the package manager,
>   otherwise download it following the links from linuxprinting.
> - open you fav browser and points to http://localhost:631 If everything
>   is fine you should see the web interface of cups (please note that
>chromium seems to have some issues with the new cups interface)
> - choose add printer and you will be asked for your username and
>   password.
> - then follow the different setup steps, depending on your printer, the
>   driver will be already in the list or you will have to provide a
>"PPD" file for it (it should be self-explanatory when you go through the
>add printer wizard).
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