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Re: [puredyne] Upgrade path (Aymeric Mansoux)

>> Hi list,
>> I have noticed that the new 10.10 based P:D seems to be close. I have
>> been
>> using the 9.10 based version for the last year on a USB key (full
>> install).
>> I would like to ask if it will be possible to do something like an
>> apt-get
>> upgrade from a new repo to get my 9.10 system up to the new 10.10
>> version
>> or if I need start again from scratch?
> If you have made a full install using ubiquity, you can just use
> the do-release-upgrade command line tool.
> You might have to do some manual tweaks though, such as installing the
> proper kernel, and get the latest skel folder, but that should be it.
> If you are using Puredyne as a liveUSB/HD/CD then you only have to
> overwrite the content from the system partition (the one with the live
> folder) with the new live folder and your home should be fine and be
> detected the same.
> In both case you might want to look at the new config files in the skel
> folder to make sure you have the changes we might have made in some dot
> files, etc.
> We'll provide doc on how to do it.
> a.
> --

Hi Aymeric,
Thanks for coming back to me - I'm very glad to hear there is a way to
upgrade. I will back up my system over the weekend and then try the
do-release-upgrade method. I will also try to keep notes and would be
happy to contribute to a Wiki page on upgrading.



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