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Re: [puredyne] Digest replies - please EDIT! (James Harkins)

Yes, sorry! Of course.

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Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 21:19:48 +0800
From: James Harkins <[hidden email]>
To: puredyne <[hidden email]>
Subject: [puredyne] Digest replies - please EDIT!
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At Thu, 9 Feb 2012 13:11:06 +0000,
milom wrote:
> Sorry to hear the project is dying! Though I saw that coming, I must say. A sensible decision.
> I would certainly be interested in another mailing list, so count my vote in on that one!
> Thanks for the fun!
> Milo Mordaunt
> On 9 February 2012 12:00, <[hidden email]> wrote:
>     Send Puredyne mailing list submissions to
>     ? ? ? ?[hidden email]
>     To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
>     ? ? ? ?
>     or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
>     ? ? ? ?[hidden email]
>     You can reach the person managing the list at
>     ? ? ? ?[hidden email]
>     When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
>     than "Re: Contents of Puredyne digest..."

General mailing list etiquette is that if you're subscribed to the digest, DO NOT quote the entire digest when replying. Use the delete key to remove the parts that are not relevant to your reply.

Sorry to be picky about this, but it's twice in the last week on this list, so I thought it worth reminding.

Here, new content = 7 lines (including the blank lines from double spacing). Quoted content = 432 lines, for a signal-to-noise ratio of about 1.6%.


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