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Multiple screens problem

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Hi, I'm a new Puredyne user and I'm having a bit of trouble getting multiple monitors to work properly.
I have two monitors, and I would like a configuration in which the screen on the right-hand side is an extension of the desktop.

When I go to System > Multiple Screens, I see the screen outputs are tagged "DVI-0" (left) and "VGA-0" (right). I've configured both screens to be 1280 * 1024  @ 85Hz. When I go to the Layout tab, I click and drag "VGA-0" to the position on the right, but when I click 'Apply' I get an error message reading "User set screen size larger than max screen size".

Through trial and error I have found that the largest possible resolution that does not give this error message is 1024 * 768, which isn't a lot at all. My monitors are capable of running at 2048 * 1536  @ 60Hz each, and in the past I have had them working on Windows in dual monitor mode in that resolution no problem.

Q: is there a way to get multiple screens working in higher resolutions? If so, does it involve installing packages?

-screens: iiyama Vision Master pro 513
-VGA card: ASUS EAH4650, ATI Radeon 4650 chipset
-Puredyne v9.11, i386 system